Your AI Powered Virtual Yoga Guru


Experience YOGA like never before!


Curated Courses For Yoga And Meditation

Zyoga offers curated content tailor made for each individual that can touch our daily lives – Stress, Anxiety, Office Yoga and many more!

Real Time Feedback With Motion-Tracking

Zyoga help you improve your form so you get the best results and avoid injury with the most accurate real-time feedback.

Track Your Progress With Full-Body Analysis

Zyoga brings progress tracking to a whole new level. Understand how you are improving over time with detailed stats for every exercise.

Your privacy is our first priority

The confidentiality of users’ data is one of our core values. Although the frontal camera is used to recognize movements, it doesn’t store images or record video format, as well as does not save anything to a server.
Your AI Powered
Virtual Yoga Guru



Karamveer Bakshi

Analytics & Execution

Professional Sports Analytics Expert and sports enthusiast


Vibhu Tripathi

Technology & Research

Computer Vision and Mobile Application Engineer


Amitesh Mishra

Branding & User Experience

Branding and user-experience expert with 4+ years of experience


Mahima Sharma

Yoga and Content Lead

Certified Yoga and Fitness Instructor. Wellness Coach with 4+ years of experience

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